Earlier this month, local music producer Sketchy Bongo was exposed for using sampled beats as his own on at least two tracks – Sheen Skaiz’s ‘Get Right’ and Locnville’s ‘Cold Shoulder’. The producer seemed to have bought sound sample packs off Sound Magic and passed these beats off as his own. (Read the full story here). Immediately after the scandal broke, Sheen Skaiz admitted that he was unaware that Sketchy didn’t produce the beats himself and ensured his fans that the lyrics are 100% his own. Locnville, however, have remained mum – until now.

The group posted a short video onto their Facebook profile in which they address the elephant in the room. “Like most of you, we found out about a video circulating around that shows that ‘Cold Shoulder’ wasn’t 100% original but made with pre-made loops. It’s not illegal but it’s certainly frowned upon and it’s something we don’t support or condone and we wanted to clear the air about our participation in the track.” Like Sheen Skaiz, all the lyrics and melodies were created by the twin duo alongside Sketchy Bongo and besides the beats, the group ensures that the rest of the track is original.

However, despite the drama, Locnville reiterate that they are very proud of the song adding that they are “grateful for the success it’s garnered everywhere”. Lastly, the group advises any up and coming producers to take the time to work on their craft and “make original shit and make sure it’s got your own signature sound – it will pay off in the long run”. The duo insists that there are no bad feelings between them and Sketchy and although they are disappointed, the track, which just achieved gold status, remains one of their favourite singles to date.

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