It’s hard to believe that FOUR won the inaugural season of The X Factor South Africa over two years ago and still haven’t released their debut record! However, that’s about to change! The boy band drops their debut self-titled EP on the 28th of July and they’ve just dropped ‘Island’ – the next single off the project. The single is hot off the heels of their previous singles ‘Share Your Love’, ‘I Do’ and ‘End Of Time’ and is already heating up the airwaves around the country.

Much like their previous singles, ‘Island’ expands on the group’s love for African dance music with a contemporary twist. Naturally, the group give a strong vocal performance and shine in their harmonies. The breezy feel-good song is rich in African flavour in everything from the percussion to the guitar riffs and I love the sonic direction the group has taken on the track. ‘Island’ is a beautiful cross-over track that both pop and R&B fans will enjoy and it’s a clever move in a bid to capitalize on both markets.

“Island is a song we’ve had in our back pocket for quite a while now, but its only in the last month that we settled on exactly how we wanted to refine the song – it’s really an invitation to our fans,” the group says about the new single. “The story of the song is speaking to a loved one, who finds the world a little overwhelming at times, assuring them you will be their escape, a moment of peace, their Island.” FOUR is definitely a unique group and gives the local music space something fresh and exciting. The song is testament to that and we can’t wait to hear their upcoming EP when it drops later this month.

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