Ryki is the latest pop sensation making an impact on the local music front. With the release of her smash hit singles ‘Please Try’ and ‘Throw Me Down’ as well as her collaboration with TiMO ODV ‘Make You Love Me’, Ryki has taken an edgy, darker approach to traditional pop music – a trend seen in a variety of territories worldwide. The singer has just released her debut, self-titled EP and opens up about her new body of work, when music became her passion and what sets her apart.

Where did your passion for music begin?

I’ve been singing since the age of six. I did a few small gigs from 14, a few competitions from 16. I wrote songs and poems since high school and I have been involved with the arts like dancing and acting for as long as I can remember.

‘Please Try’ put you on the map last year. Why was that single the perfect introduction to Ryki?

Unfortunately music isn’t science. You’re never ever sure enough about whether a song will work or not. I remember feeling so unsure the day before it released but just trusted God to do with it what he knows is best. The song worked and I’m so thankful for all the support and beautiful responses I got.

‘Throw You Down’ was a massive single. What inspired the song?

I wrote this song from the point of view and the selfish mindset of a heartbreaker. Usually, we write about being heartbroken and I decided to write about the feelings of the heartbreaker. The theme is a bit dark but I wanted to move away from the typical subjects that I always write about. It’s about people using you in a relationship. They lift you up real high for their benefit and when they feel like letting go, they just throw you down. I won’t necessarily say that I wrote it from complete experience but I definitely played similar roles before in my life.

You always seem to have a trick up your sleeve musically. So, what can fans expect on the EP?

Every song sounds different. Fans will see a different side of me that they haven’t heard yet. I feel like I grow more to the artist I want to become with every song I make. There’s growth in between each song because they were written in different times of my career as well. The fans know my sound by now and this EP builds on that.

You’ve worked with some incredible artists on the EP. How did these collaborations challenge you in studio?

I worked with two of my very good friends, David Balshaw and Bubele Booi. They brought out the best in me. There were absolutely no challenges except leaving my family and boyfriend back home. I believe if music is effort, it’s not honest. It’s supposed to challenge you but also be super natural as you grow toward what you want. I also worked alongside Sketchy Bongo, Ameen Harron, Caleb Williams, Deemo, Kyle Deutsch and Kyle Watson on the album and each of them taught me such valuable lessons about music and the industry.

There isn’t a single artist like you in the industry at the moment. What do you think it is about your music that sets you apart?

I think if we all start looking within ourselves for inspiration, we won’t tend to sound or look like other people. Be yourself and stick to what you believe in. Look at your own qualities and master them, stop comparing and be the best you and people won’t compare you.

What can we expect from you over the next few months?

More live performances and more music. Keep an eye out on my social media platforms to see where I will be performing next.

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