Over the past few months, Cara Frew has cemented herself as one of the best female pop vocalists in the country. Her massive hits ‘Falling’ and ‘Only High With You’ dominated the local airwaves and she even performed live at Coachella with SNBRN and Blu J. Now, the singer releases her debut EP ‘Dance’ through Sony Music Africa.

The four-track EP features her hit singles ‘Only High With You and two versions of ‘You Got Me’ alongside her new single ‘Dance’. The title track is a banging dance pop track with a variety of dance and African elements infused into it and is expected to become yet another radio hit for the star.

“I wrote ‘Dance’ the morning I found out that a close friend of mine was a drug addict. It made me stop and think because someone, who at least from the outside, seemed to look like he had it all together, clearly struggles within. I wanted the song to be uplifting, about making the most of your life, always looking for that silver lining and loving yourself,” says Cara.

The star’s new EP gives them a taste of what they can expect on her upcoming debut album which is scheduled to be released in September this year. The record has been a long time coming and Cara has decided to take her time to ensure each element is perfect before putting the body of work now. In the meantime, the ‘Dance’ EP is available to stream or download on iTunes now.

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