He was the runner-up on The Voice South Africa’s first season and has since released his debut album ‘Silver Skies’ and three hit singles. Now, the singer has announced that he will release his album’s title track as the fourth single off the record.

Gavin admits that the song holds a special meaning to him and is easily one of his favourite tracks off the album – a reason why chose to the track to serve as the album’s title. He explains that the song is about “being in a place where you’re doing great, feeling amazing and always chasing after silver skies.” Aditionally, the star admits that when he was recording the vocals, he made sure to limit the takes to one or two to ensure his voice kept the live raw emotion he is known for, imperfections and all. The emotion, is clearly evident and beautifully shows off the star’s exceptional vocal quality.

The song is easily one of the stand-out songs off the record and is the perfect radio single. There is a sing-a-long aspect to the song that makes it quite anthemic. Lyrically, the song is also quite strong and all these elements mixed together make for a smart single choice. I have a feeling this will dominate local radio over the next few weeks.

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