If you’ve ever been to the United States, specifically Louisiana, you will know that country is obsessed with fried chicken. Similarly, South Africans are also big fans of the food so it’s no surprise that one of America’s most successful fried chicken brands, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, is expanding their global footprint and opening stores of their famous chicken here in South Africa.

The first store opens in the popular Sandton City food court this week where they will be serving the brand’s famous bone-in chicken, burgers, tenders and nuggets in both spicy or mild flavours. Patrons will also be able to add some of the brand’s signature side dishes, such as the delicious Cajun fries, to their meal.

Naturally, thousands of people are incredible excited about the brand’s expansion onto South African soil and the feeling is completely mutual. “We’re very excited to join the Popeyes family and bring the iconic brand to South Africa,” said Jaye Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer for South African based, Siyaghopa Trading Group. “We think our South African guests will love the signature blend of spices and flavours we’ll bring to the table.”

The first store opens this Thursday (13 July 2017) and future stores are expected to open at Eastgate Shopping Centre and Menlyn Mall soon.

Here are some fun facts about the new fried chicken franchise:

Where did Popeyes get its name?

Everyone thinks Popeyes got its name from the spinach-loving cartoon character, but the name actually came from a famous fictional 1970’s detective. Detective Jimmy ‘Popeye’ Doyle, the fictional lead character of the movie, The French Connection, is the real inspiration behind the brand name.

Popeyes around the world

Popeyes currently has restaurants in more than 25 countries. The Popeyes restaurant in Sandton City, Johannesburg is the only Popeyes on the African continent and the first to open in South Africa.

What makes Popeyes so unique?

Popeyes founder, Al Copeland, created a one-of-a-kind chicken recipe that is marinated in Louisiana-inspired seasonings, then hand battered, breaded and fried – creating a ‘juicy-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the outside’ chicken guests have been craving for more than 45 years. Popeyes has proprietary seasonings that are used to marinate the chicken for 12 hours, creating the richly seasoned flavours in both the mild and spicy versions. At least 60% of the employees at the Popeyes in Sandton City are first-time work-seekers from Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator who have been trained to meet Popeyes international requirements.

Spice… and all things nice

At Popeyes, flavour is everything! The Popeyes chicken recipe is based on a 300-year old culinary tradition, which incorporates a fusion of cooking styles, a rich blend of proprietary seasoning and spices sourced from around the globe, including Africa. Popeyes offers both well-seasoned mild chicken, as well as a more spicy chicken option that South Africans are bound to love.

What’s in a biscuit?

Have you heard of the famous American Biscuit, but not had the pleasure of tasting? Get your taste buds ready – this legendary American side dish is a speciality of Popeyes!
The delicious and freshly baked Popeyes Buttermilk Biscuit join a wide selection of authentic Signature Sides available on the local menu.

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