It’s undeniable that Simon Cowell is a professional at putting boy bands together. After successfully kick-starting the careers of Westlife and One Direction, the reality star judge is ready to introduce his new project to the world. Simon has put together a new group of teen heartthrobs he believes will take over the music industry over the next few months.

PRETTYMUCH first popped up back in February when they performed covers like Drake‘s “Passionfruit”, Michael Jackson‘s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” and Charlie Puth’s “Attention” on Instagram. The group consists of teenagers Brandon Arreaga, Nick Mara, Zion Kuwonu, Austin Porter and Edwin Honoret and are a diverse group of boys who can both sing and dance. Each member has a beautiful voice which adds a new dynamic to the group.

The group are readying their debut single ‘Would You Mind’ which is set to drop on the 21st of July. The pop-track features some big brass, a catchy chorus, beautiful harmonies and a hint of the 90s R&B sound which will hopefully make a massive impact on the global pop stage.

The boy band scene has been rather quiet now that One Direction is on a hiatus and the group could be the answer music fans around the world have been waiting for.

Here’s a short clip of their upcoming single:

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