Not since Bucie has a female house vocalist added such flair and diversity to the local house space. She burst onto the scene back in 2011 when she started making music with Junior Taurus and when they released their collaborative album ‘Cotton Candy’ in 2015, it quickly identified with thousands across the country and even landed them some SAMA nominations. However, it was after the success of her debut solo single ‘Love Is Blind’, when the star’s popularity quickly shot up. Now, her debut album ‘King Zamar’ is out everywhere and the star’s new single ‘My Baby’ is climbing up the charts.

Much like ‘Love Is Blind’, ‘My Baby’ sees the star playing around the dance space. The song has been a fan-favourite since the singer released her album earlier this year and the obvious choice as the album’s next single. The production on the song is outstanding. With strong African percussions and guitar riffs, the song is the perfect crossover track. The singer gives an emotional vocal delivery and you can tell that the song means a lot to her. Her vocals are the star of the song and it’s great to see that the production doesn’t overshadow the message she is singing about. Lyrically, the love song is something so many around the country can relate to and these elements set the song apart from the various other songs it’s competing with at the moment.

Besides ‘My Baby’, Lady Zamar has been dominating the airwaves with ‘Charlotte’, the collaboration with Prince Kaybee and ‘Criminal’ with DJ Mshega. With another guaranteed hit on her hands, the song is expected to solidify the star as one of the most formidable house vocalists out of South Africa.

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