Review: Paramore - After Laughter
4.0Overall Score

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m quite late to the party here. I have been a fan of American rockers Paramore ever since I heard ‘Misery Business’ for the first time on MTV’s TRL. Since then, their music has spoken to me and I was really excited to get my hands on their new fifth studio album ‘After Laughter’. Honestly, I thought ‘Hard Times’ was a weak lead single which is probably why I wasn’t in a hurry to listen to the record. But, after finally getting around to it, I regret not listening to it sooner.

‘After Laughter’ is easily the band’s best collection of tracks in over a decade. Paramore stray from the alternative sound that dominated their previous records and have opted for a colourful pop record instead – and the results are both exciting and refreshing. The tracks are funkier, more upbeat and catchier than ever, however, the evolution seems organic and the band’s essence is evident in every single note.

Hayley Williams delivers her best vocal performance to date. She shines on the uptempo tracks like ‘Rose Colored Boy’ and ‘Fake Happy’ but also allows herself to be vulnerable on ballads like ’26’. However, it’s the lyrical content where this album shines. Each song is a story filled with passion and heart. The music is bound to resonate with the listener in some shape of form and that’s what makes this such a special release.

‘After Laughter’ is a fantastic new chapter in the band’s career. Not only will this record impress the band’s most loyal fans, but it will also gain them many new ones as well.

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