Dominic Neill has come a long way since he first burst onto the scene on Idols South Africa back in 2012. He released an album with his band The Illustrators, dominated the airwaves with his collaborations with Joe Louis (Better Day) and DJ Kent (Love You Still) and now, he has finally dropped his debut album ‘Out Of My League’ – something that he has spent months perfecting.

Last week, Dominic released the record’s title track as the lead single off the project. The song features A’rese, the winner of The Voice Nigeria, and shows a different side to the star. The ballad features raw, emotional vocal performances from both singers. Their chemistry and connection to the lyrics in the song made the single something unique and extraordinary.

The rest of the album features a collection of new tracks as well as stripped down versions of ‘Better Day’ and ‘Love You Still’. Dominic sounds incredibly comfortable in the edgy pop genre he experiments with on this record. Not only does he sound better than ever, but the songwriting and production is top-class, making this one of the most exciting debut albums we’ve heard from a local pop artist in a long time.

“I’m just really thankful and proud that I can share ‘Out Of My League,’” the star shares. “When you’re making an album, you’re stuck in the place where you have to talk about what it is you’re trying to achieve because the music isn’t out there to speak for itself, which is something I’m always scared to do. But, it’s here now and I really just hope that people connect with the stories and the sounds that they hear. I’m incredibly thankful for everyone who was a part of it – my label, my publisher, the producers, the writers and my friends, family and fans.”

Dominic adds that the album started out as an EP, however, the creative process was so personal that the hits came pouring out and, ultimately, became his debut album. “Honesty is something that I value above everything else in life and this was just such an honest process and one that I feel is the most honest representation of myself as an artist and musician,” he says. “I think that is why we started out with the goal of an EP and ended up with an album.”

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