It’s undeniable that Simon Cowell is a professional at putting boy bands together. After successfully kick-starting the careers of Westlife and One Direction, the reality star judge is ready to introduce his new project to the world. Simon has put together PRETTYMUCH, a new group of teen heartthrobs he believes will take over the music industry over the next few months. The group have just released their debut single ‘Would You Mind’ – and it’s a bop!

The track is just as catchy as you thought it would be and serves as a strong lead single for the group. The song is filled with 90’s R&B influence but still has a current undertone which makes it stand out from the saturated pop offerings out at the moment but still effortlessly fitting in. What sets this band apart is the fact that each of them has a strong vocal on them. Simon and Sony Music scouted each member from various YouTube videos and put them together – a different take than the usual reality competition direction. Although the song doesn’t wow lyrically, it’s something unique and something the pop scene could benefit from.

The song is about approaching someone in a club and making that first move. “If you see a girl and she thinks she’s attractive you could either go up to her, holler, try to do your thing. And she says, no at least you tried. If you walk away she’s going to say no anyway,” the group’s Zion Kuwonu said about the song. However, the group admits that they’re still finding their sound. “We just don’t want to be pinned down to just one sound,” Brandon Arreaga adds. “I think just us five have a distinct sound as it is. The fact that we can do different vibes, I think is pretty special. We just like to try an experiment with that.”

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