It’s been less than a month since Rian Van Heerden bid farewell to his breakfast show at Jacaranda FM. The controversial radio personality had a massive fanbase and, naturally, thousands were sad to see him go. However, listeners will be happy to know that Rian’s journey at Jacaranda FM isn’t over. The DJ has just announced that he will be taking over the station’s popular brand-new Afternoon Drive Show, every weekday between 16:00 – 19:00, starting 31 July 2017.

Rian promises that the new Afternoon Drive Show will be delivering more music you love as well as outspoken views, news and his unmissable and much loved humour. “I am so happy to be back on – air with Jacaranda FM,” Rian expressed. “Radio is in my blood and I discovered that I love the Jacaranda listeners way too much to just walk away. I tried, but I can’t leave radio because it is my home!”

Meanwhile, listeners can expect even more fun on Breakfast with Martin Bester and Tumi Morake. The show has kicked off with a bang and the energy between the two presenters is both fresh and exciting. Naturally, when a formidable radio personality leaves a station, there is a void that lasts for a while and, luckily for Jacaranda listeners, that void is over.

Station GM Kevin Fine says “It’s wonderful to welcome Rian back. Having the two award-winning drive-time hosts on the book ends of our day-time line-up with hours of music in between makes a great proposition for listeners and advertisers.” Meanwhile, Program Manager Gavin Meiring adds “July has been an exciting month for Jacaranda FM, with two of the biggest award winning radio personalities Martin Bester and Rian Van Heerden hosting two new shows, Breakfast with Tumi Morake and Martin Bester and The Drive with Rian Van Heerden. This combination on Jacaranda FM is guaranteed to make drive-time in Gauteng entertaining.”

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