Review: Apple Gule - SWAZiKiD
3.5Overall Score

Apple Gule has been disrupting the local music industry since he dropped his debut single ‘I Want To’. Since then, he has been responsible for hits such as ‘Fan Girl’, ‘In Your Life’ and ‘Another Way’ amongst others. Now, however, the musician has finally dropped his highly-anticipated debut album ‘SWAZiKiD’ – and it’s been worth the wait!

The star has released an impressive debut album. The first thing that strikes me is his diverse vocal. There is so much soul and depth to his voice and pours his heart and soul into every note. The star admits he was influenced by artists such as The Weeknd, 6lack and John Legend and their influence is clearly seen in the music he’s brought to life. Lyrically, the star has released a beautiful love record. From romantic love songs to that about lust and heartbreak, the star explores the popular topic in what seems like an incredibly personal way. Each song is raw, emotional and impactful and this approach has set the star apart from his counterparts.

The production is another element which helps make ‘SWAZiKiD’ an impressive record. While many artists use the production as a way to hide the flaws in their vocal delivery, Apple Gule does the opposite. The instrumentals aren’t the star of this show but rather the singer’s impressive voice. However, that doesn’t mean that the production isn’t impressive. In fact, the blend of pop, dance and R&B makes for an incredibly interesting listen.

Apple Gule is one of the most exciting new acts of the year. ‘SWAZiKiD’ is an impressive debut album which shows off the star’s talent wonderfully. He’s a breath of fresh air and I have no doubt that his career will go from strength to strength.

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