There’s an exciting new local artist on the horizon. Tamaryn Nicholson has been working hard behind the scenes in the local music industry for a while but is finally ready to share her talent with the world. Under her new stage name, Karma, the star has just released her debut single ‘Image’ and it’s a refreshing piece of pop music.

Karma blends a variety of urban influences into a dark, edgy pop sound – a collaboration that has been setting charts around the country and the world by storm. The production is simple, clean and intriguing but it’s the lyrical content that makes the song stand out. The song has depth. Karma tells a story of heartbreak and leaving a broken relationship – something each one of us can identify with.

“‘Image’ is song relatable to anyone. No matter how deep their love is or was,” the musician says. “It takes me back to a time that was incredibly hard and frustrating but in the end, it made me who I am today. That’s why this song means so much to me.” Karma adds that the song is an exciting start to her new career and although she is taking it day-by-day, she is excited for what’s to come. “I want to tell my story through music,” Karma adds. “I really hope people like what I have to say, and how my music says it.” Karma promises to continue to break boundaries with her music. The song is now available to download or stream on all major digital platforms. Support local music and get your copy today.

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