Snotkop’s ‘HKGK’ era could very well be one of his most successful to date. The album’s lead single ‘Cool Soos Koos Kombuis’ has reached over two million views on YouTube and the follow-up singles ‘Hoe Lykit!’ and ‘Raak Vir My Rustig’ became massive radio hits. Now, the star is ready to push forward with ‘Woestersous’ – the fourth single off the record.

In the song, Snotkop compares his love for someone to his love for condiments and food – woestersous being his favourite. The song has a filled with the beautiful sound of the accordion, a catchy melody and creative lyrics. The song stays true to the tongue-in-cheek style Snotkop is famous for – and his fans are loving it!

To celebrate the new single, Snotkop released a hilarious video for the new single which features six-year-old Janco Bester as a mini Snotkop. The singer discovered his young fan after his father sent through a video of Janco singing along to ‘Hoe Lykit!’ in his classroom. “Janco is a natural performer,” Snotkop says. “We were looking for a boy to play a young Snotkop and while going through audition videos and he was easily the right kid for the job.” The singer adds that he hopes that this video inspires children to be the best they can be. “I love kids and I have always made it a priority to let young people know how important it is to embrace your dreams and never let go of their talent and individuality just to fit in.”

The song is available on Snotkop’s platinum-selling album ‘HKGK’ which is available in stores or on iTunes right now.

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