Review: AKA & Anatii - Be Careful What You Wish For
3.0Overall Score

There’s a special chemistry between local rappers AKA and Anatii. After a very public feud, the stars have released their first collaboration album – and fans around the country can’t get enough of it! Their vocals and lyrical styles complement each other in the most amazing way which is why it was only a matter of time before these two released a record like this. The concept started after the two released the massive hit single ‘The Saga’ in 2015. Fans around the country instantly fell in love with the song and this prompted the duo to continue experimenting in the studio. Now, ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ is here.

What really sets AKA and Anatii apart is their impressive storytelling technique. The duo has a lot to say on this record and they do so with slick, crafted lyrics and catchy hooks. The album is packed with hits. The duo seem to have found a formula that works on both urban and pop radio as well as the club scene – something that has helped them reach the success they have – and it’s a smart move.

That being said, don’t expect the stars to dig deep on the record. It’s a pretty surface-level experiment and both acts don’t do any soul-searching on the record. As mentioned, the duo sticks to a formula and strays away from experimentation. Although the commercial songs will help this record sell, it’s slightly disappointing to see such formidable artists stay in their comfort zone.

That being said, the album is filled with bangers. Tracks like ‘Angelz’, ‘Camps Bay 3’ and ‘Don’t Forget To Pray’ are highlights as the duo throw together various elements of hip-hop, trap, pop and even some gospel elements. The production is slick and strong and never overshadows the vocals which helps tie each story together.

While the album isn’t anything groundbreaking, it’s a solid reminder of how much South African hip-hop has grown over the past decade. AKA and Anatii are stars and have delivered an exceptional collection of tracks here.

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