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Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games Returns To South Africa
4.0Overall Score

Lord of the Dance has won the hearts and souls of so many around the world. In fact, the show was such a success when it visited Johannesburg in 2015, that it’s back for round two – and it’s added Cape Town to its touring schedule!

The show is everything you want in a dance production which is why the brand has become the most successful dance show in the world. Flatley’s Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games is jam-packed with energy, sex appeal, tap dancing, and is full of chemistry! Dangerous Games is a classic tale of good versus evil. The story follows a dream Little Spirit has in which the Lord of the Dance must battle The Dark Lord and his Dark Disciples. There are many twists and, of course, a love tale as an epic dance battle commences.

James Keegan, who stars as the Lord of the Dance, gave a killer performance. He is so brilliant at his craft and carried out his role so perfectly, leaving the audience at the palm of his hand. While James’ performance was truly jaw-dropping, one can’t deny that the show’s main strength is when there are at least eight or more dancers on stage. The symmetry, precision and technique in the blend of Irish and tap dancing is a phenomenal feat to watch and you can’t help not being transfixed by the movement.

A dance show, however, is nothing without the music. I was really impressed with the selection of traditional Irish music mixed with some 21st century production. There were, however, moments (like the singing) that brought the energy down and although I understand the value of the segments in the show, I wish they were more upbeat to keep those energy levels up.

Despite this, ‘Dangerous Games’ is a treat to watch. The dancers each brought their individual talents to the stage. Everything from the costumes to the acrobatics and the dancing was world-class. There was even a duo rocked the violin while doing their routine!

If you missed this show last time, you need to make sure you don’t miss it again. Everything about the show will take your breath away. Oh, and it’s also made me want to sign up for some tap-dancing lessons as well!

Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games plays at The Teatro at Montecasino until the 3rd of September 2017.

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