Review: Kesha - Rainbow
4.5Overall Score

Much like a phoenix rises from the ashes, ‘Rainbow’ is Kesha’s resurrection album. Not only because this is her first album since she released ‘Warrior’ back in 2012, but it sees her finally break free from the torment she endured during her legal battle with producer Dr. Luke. In her five-year absense, Kesha has done a lot of growing and soul-searching but still has a wild side to her – ‘Rainbow’ is a beautiful amalgamation of both these sides.

Truthfully, Kesha’s life has been pretty dark over the past few years. She has suffered terrible emotional pain throughout her very public battle with the producer and, naturally, it brings a person down. However, although the case stopped her from releasing any new music, it’s music that helped her see the light at the end of the tunnel. Kesha has used music as a form of therapy and created songs to get over certain traumatic events that happened to her. So, the result is a collection of open, honest, real, emotional, inspirational, heartbreaking tracks that will undoubtedly help so many people around the world who are going through a similar experience. However, Kesha is a pop star and as such, she has released a collection of tracks that will make you cry and sing along at the top of your lungs. Kesha wears her heart on her sleeve on the record and, as the title suggests, takes listeners on a rollercoasters of different shades – something that makes this album incredibly special.

Kesha gives her strongest vocal performance to date on ‘Rainbow’. Vocally, she has grown tremendously since her latest release. Not only can she effortlessly belt out bangers and tone it down on the ballads but the star injects emotion into each and every note (whether intentional or not). Ultimately, ‘Rainbow’ means a great deal to Kesha and therefore, she has made sure that each note is perfect. The star has also teamed up with an

‘Rainbow’ is a beautiful piece of art. What makes the album special is that Kesha is telling her story through her music. She is dealing with her demons through her music and she is finally finding her old self again (as seen through her music). Although Kesha still has a long road to go before her legal battles are over, ‘Rainbow’ is proof that her music will always be her saving grace and with talent like this, the star is destined to have the last laugh.

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