Miley Cyrus has been dominating charts around the world with her incredible comeback single ‘Malibu’ over the past few weeks as she gives fans a glimpse into the sound and direction she has taken on her upcoming album ‘Younger Now’. Now, ahead of the album’s 29 September release date, Miley has released the title track as the next single off the record.

The singer throws it back to the 60s with the new single which is filled with subtle rock elements over a catchy guitar-driven beat. Lyrically, the song is about change and how she feels incredibly confident in who she is as a person right now. Miley takes a step forward from the basic lyrical style she took on ‘Malibu’ and it’s great to see the star pouring her heart and soul into her music like this. Miley also released the official video to the breezy pop song which is an ode to one of her musical inspirations – Elvis Presley.

‘Younger Now’ is incredibly special to the star which is why she decided to name the album after it. “I just think for girls to celebrate being young right now would be a great thing,” Miley told Billboard in an interview in May adding that a conversation with her mother Tish inspired the track. “She was like, ‘I swear to God, you are younger now at 24 than you were at 4!’ And so it just hit me, like I am f—ing younger now, and I am proud of that,” Miley continued. The star also revealed the album’s tracklist which features a surprise collaboration with Dolly Parton. The ‘Younger Now’ era is shaping up to be just as exciting as ‘Bangerz’ and we have no doubt that Miley has some other surprises up her sleeve.

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