Hip-Hop is a genre that has grown exponentially in South Africa over the past few years. The rapid growth rate has ensured that some incredibly talented individuals have been discovered and thousands more are making music hoping for a shot at superstardom. Rapper K.O. spoke to us and shared what he thinks is the most important piece of advice he could give an up-and-coming artist.

“I know this sounds corny but be yourself,” he shares. “There is only one K.O. There is only one Drake and you can’t beat Drake at being Drake. What you also need to know, however, is that Drake can’t beat you at being you because your story is original to you and there is space in the world for your story. Be yourself!”

The star adds that his love for South Africa has set him apart from other rappers. “I am unashamedly South African in my approach towards hip-hip – a culture and sound that comes from America. Many rappers here lose their own sense of identities and come across as American wannabes. I am probably the most patriotic South African hip-hop artist.”

K.O., who just released his new single ‘No Feelings’ also feels that content which has been released over the past two years hasn’t been hard-hitting enough. “I find that many people can’t relate to the music like they did to ‘All Eyes On Me’, ‘Congratulate’, ‘Caracara’ and ‘Ngud’’. We are the voice of the youth and the youth is growing with us,” the rapper explains. “We need to constantly represent them and let them have a voice through us. That is why they’ve accepted and embraced the genre the way they have. It’s up to the rappers to make sure we deliver to the best of our ability and make sure that the quality is A-grade.”

The star’s new single has been met with an incredibly positive response. The music video is inspired by S.A’s cultural elements and sees the Skhanda Gawd step out of his comfort zone and provide social commentary on ageism, racism and religious issues. The single’s success is proof that South Africa is excited about the star’s next chapter which he promises is his most honest yet.

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