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Review: Mi Casa - Familia
4.0Overall Score

After dropping their comeback single ‘Nana’ earlier this year, one of South Africa’s favourite groups, Mi Casa, marked their return to the music industry by releasing their fourth studio album ‘Familia’. The new eight-track album is something new and exciting from the group who has pushed boundaries and experimented with their sonic direction.

While Mi Casa is essentially an African house act, they have always been interested in Portuguese and Latin culture. On ‘Familia’, however, the group fuse both genres more than ever before in what can only be described as a fresh, exciting approach to house music.

While ‘Nana’ is reminiscent of the Mi Casa we know and love, the rest of the album is rather different. With a variety of Latin brass, percussions, accordions and guitars, ‘Familia’ isn’t exactly the album you’d expect from a South African dance act. However, it’s a jolly, happy, celebratory record which shows a side of Mi Casa we all knew was there but never heard before.

It’s not an uncommon thing to hear lead singer J’Something signing in Portuguese on the record. In fact, on ‘Magalenha,’ the singer pays tribute to Sergio Mendes – one of the greatest Latin singers of our time. Vocally, J’Something is able to shift from the different genres he dabbles in effortlessly and delivers a strong vocal performance with each and every note.

However, it’s Mo-T and Dr Duda who really stepped outside of their comfort zone on this record. The musicians weren’t surrounded by Latin music growing up and brought their own South African flavour to the genre – something which really helps this record stand out. I believe that experimentation is so important for artists. Not only does it push them to be better musicians, but it keeps their fans on their toes and this direction was just the thing Mi Casa needed.

‘Familia’ is an important album for the group. A lot has happened in their career since releasing ‘Home Sweet Home’ two years ago – and the pressure almost tore them apart. However, instead of letting the tough times break them, they turned it into art. “Six months ago I thought it was over for Mi Casa and here we are with our 4th studio album,” an emotional J’Something says. “[This] is best work I believe we’ve ever done! Your support is everything to me and the gents!” The group touch on this on the album’s title track which is easily one of the standout tracks on the record. It’s great to see artists pouring their heart and soul into their music and the proof is in the pudding.

Mi Casa proves they’re a force to be reckoned with. ‘Familia’ is eccentric, exciting and edgy. It’s a bizarre release that just works and is proof that if you’re passionate about your music, magic happens. ‘Familia’ is out now at your favourite music store or online platform.

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