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Review: Monark - Monark
3.0Overall Score

Local pop act Monark is finally back with their brand new self-titled second studio album. The release comes after the massive success the lead single ‘Broken’ received on various radio stations around the country – and the record doesn’t disappoint.

Reminiscent of Maroon 5, Monark has created some fantastic pop tracks each with the potential to become an earworm. The group has spent a lot of time perfecting each element in this new collection of tracks from the writing to the delivery and melody. Pop music has proven it’s able to carry some depth over the past few months and an aspect people gravitate to in the genre. So, Monark tried to make sure the music on this record has some heart instead of being soulless.

Lyrically, writing a pop song isn’t easy but the group has ensured that this is an element they didn’t compromise on – which is why the album is an impressive collection of work.

Eugene Coetzer does a great job with the vocals this time around. He pushes his instrument to its limits and understands how to use his voice properly. This, paired with the pulsating production from Ewald Jansen Van Rensburg, makes this a pleasurable record to listen to.

I do feel, however, that the group played it too safe sonically. The music seems to blend into the overall pop sphere and the group fails to create a sound that sets them apart. In fact, they almost emulate the factors that have made Maroon 5 so successful. It’s frustrating because the potential to create an exciting, unique record is there but just as the music takes you to a place where experimentation could happen, the group seems to hold back.

Despite this, ‘Monark’ is packed with radio-friendly hits and I have no doubt that this will be a successful era for the group. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing many singles off this project all over radio over the next year.

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