After competing and winning Vuzu’s hit reality show The Hustle, Big Star has quickly become one of Mzansi’s favourite rappers. The star has just released his debut EP ‘TELLASCOPE’ which features his massive new single ‘Flavours’. This week, the rapper opens up about the hit reality show and what it taught him, his new collection of songs and when we can expect a full album.

The past few months have been really exciting for you. How has life changed since you appeared on The Hustle?

Well, life is busier now. I have finally released my EP so we are busy pushing that and I am working on my debut album. I know a lot more people now, seen a lot more places and experienced some breathtaking moments on stage. I am living my dream daily.

What is the biggest lesson the show has taught you?

Respect, commitment, patience and consistency are the formulas to the game.

Reality TV has become a fundamental way in scouting new talent. Why do you think shows like The Hustle, Idols, The Voice etc are so important?

These type of shows are important because they serve as a platform for up and coming talent. Some communities do not have any platforms or provide any opportunities to showcase local talent so shows like these give a good introduction to an artist and what there are about.

Your single ‘Flavours’ is blowing up on the local airwaves at the moment. What inspired the song?

Vibes. The song speaks about different vibes/situations you find yourselves within this hip-hop game – and we never run out of flavour.

You collaborated with Reason and Zoocci Coke Dope on the track. What element do you think their verses bring to the song?

Zoocci set the tone with the hook and beat. Reason gave it that star power and his semi controversial content served as a conversation piece. The song show cases all our strong points and I feel like that’s why the kids mess with it.

You’ve just released your debut EP ‘TELLASCOPE’. Tell us a bit more about this collection of songs.

Tellascope is a 7 track project that really shows people the different sounds and textures Big Star has inside of him. No two songs are the same and that was very intentional, we go from Trap to Groove, feel good to rap, good times to real hard heading life stories. I also chose to work with my fellow East comrades namely Priddy Ugly, Frank Casino and Reason because the East is on the rise.

EPs or mixtapes are a common route many rappers take. What drew you to release a mixtape instead of an album at this point in your career?

People haven’t heard much from Big Star and I wanted to give my album a nice set up before dropping it. We are not going to wait as long to drop the album because the foundation has been set and the plans have been put into motion. While we are working on the music, we are giving the fans a taste of what they can expect.

What do you think makes you stand out in this tough, competitive industry?

People can’t deny that my music is music. Whether you like it or not, you can never call my music trash. Therefore, quality control is something very important to my team and I and I know even the haters can hear it.

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