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Review: Elandré Schwartz - Kleindorp-Dromer
4.0Overall Score

He made headlines around the country when he was surprised with a record deal from Select Music and Sony Music live on Bok Radio last year and after months of writing and recording, Elandré Schwartz has released his debut studio album ‘Kleindorp-Dromer’.

Elandré stands out of the crowd because he seems to be a rather old soul. Unlike many other young vocalists, Elandré opted to dive into the adult contemporary side of pop music. Elandré wants to tell stories with his music and has managed to give listeners a clear indication of who he is as a person and artist in this polished release. He wants to make his audience feel and he has accomplished this so well with his debut offering.

What instantly sets Elandré apart is his beautiful deep, rich vocal. His voice is unlike anything we’ve ever heard on the local music space and it’s something that will ensure Elandré has a long, fruitful career. However, despite his raw talent, every other aspect on ‘Kleindorp-Dromer’ adds to the star’s impressive debut. Lyrically, the album shines. Each song has so much depth to it and when paired with impressive production and vocals, Elandré proves he has what it takes to be a star.

Sonically, Elandré dabbles with up-tempo country-inspired bangers and beautiful ballads. The diversity in his voice allows him to take on both aspects effortlessly but, undoubtedly, it’s in the ballads where Elandré shines. There is a sincerity in his voice that sucks a listener into every word he sings and when a singer is able to connect with his audience so effortlessly, magic happens.

The album has something for everyone. The star has covered fan-favourites ‘The Man’ and ‘Tougher Than The Rest’, the song that earned him his big break, and has some fantastic original material like his lead single ‘Afrikaans Sal Bly’. If there’s one new Afrikaans artist you need to get to know this year, it’s Elandré Schwartz.

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