His massive hit single ‘No Feelings’ is still taking over the airwaves but ahead of the release of his upcoming album, K.O. has teamed up with Nigerian superstar Runtown for his summery new single ‘Call Me’. The track serves as the next official offering of the rapper’s comeback and shows off a side of the star we haven’t seen before.

Diversity is something that every artist should pride themselves on. Pushing boundaries and breaking out of creative shackles sets you apart and K.O. has done just that with his unexpected new single ‘Call Me’. The song has a strong island feel to is as the rapper blends subtle hip-hop sounds with African elements to create a perfect summer single. What’s special about this song is that the rapper shows off his voice in falsetto – and he does a great job doing so. The song has the potential to become a crossover summer smash. The production is slick, the song is catchy and it’s a unique piece of work.

”I love what the afro beat vibe is doing internationally. Also, Call Me largely influenced by old South African music I have been listening to lately. Fusing those elements with the current trends of the world brought us this masterpiece,” K.O. says. “The song is reminiscent of the classic kwaito sound juxtaposed with this Afro beat groove, felt it was only right to get a Naija artist to give it their touch as well.” The single is further proof that K.O. still has a few tricks up his sleeve – despite the recent backlash he received regarding his label Cashtime. The rapper feels ‘Call Me’ could become his biggest hit yet and seems incredibly excited about his new chapter.

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