What would the 90s have been without Tweak? The pop/punk group announced their comeback earlier this year and promised to deliver the greatest pop-punk track in the history of music ever!” and now, the track has finally arrived! The group has just released ‘Bruce Lee’ as their official comeback single and it’s ever as ridiculous as we expected it to be.

The song is an instant throwback to the punk phase that dominated the late 90s and early 2000s. It’s the sound Tweak became famous for and they’ve brought every aspect of it back with this hilarious new single. In the song, lead singer Garth Barnes shows off his rapping skills as he delivers some of the most ridiculous verses we’ve ever heard before slipping some falsetto in the chorus where he reminds listeners that he is the ‘Bruce Lee of the party’. “The new track is either straight-up Mozart-level genius, or the biggest piece of garbage to hit the airwaves this decade! Either way, it’s tons of fun and you’ll be left wondering ‘WTF did I just listen to?’” Garth tells us.

Naturally, a ridiculous song needs a ridiculous video and, as a homage to the legendary Bruce Lee, the video contains clips of some old-school karate movies. “Bugsy was like ‘I got an idea for a video that’s cheap and easy’, and I said: ‘Oh like your mom?’ Then I realised we share a mom and I took back the remark. Bugs edited the visuals together and then we dragged in our buddy Jean Lombard to add the finishing touches. The result is something truly special,” Garth continues.

Alongside the new single, Tweak will also be going on tour playing all of their hits and some brand new tracks. They will be performing at the following venues over the next few weeks:

28 October – Arcade Empire, Pretoria
3 November – The Good Luck Bar, Johannesburg
4 November – Grid and Grill, Benoni
10 November – Aandklas, Stellenbosch
11 November – Mercury Live, Cape Town

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