Tomorrow, local rapper Riky Rick drops his highly-anticipated new single ‘Buy It Out’ and today, he shocked fans by announcing that his record label Cotton Club Records has inked a deal with Sony Music Africa and Sound African Recordings.

Riky Rick said it was about furthering his and other musicians’ musical interests through the label. “Cotton Club Records is a label I started that will be creating and putting out music by me and new artists I am working with,” he said. “I created Cotton Club Records with the vision of helping young talented artists break into the industry. My aim is to bridge the gap between the street way of making music and building a brand out of music.”

The rapper is looking for fresh new talent to sign to his new label and sonically, anything goes! “Sound is not really a factor here. All sounds are welcome. We going to be working with anyone who has a dream and talent while looking for knowledge about how the music business works,” he explained. Rick Rick adds that partnering with Sony Music felt like a natural thing for them both. “Partnering with Sony is a blessing for us. The people in those offices understand what is important to an artist and they are not arrogant about bridging the gap. The relationship is beneficial both ways.”

Keep an eye out for Riky Rick’s new single ‘Buy It Out’.

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