Over the past few months, Charlie Finch has made a name for himself thanks to his hit singles “If I Ever Let You Down” and “Stay the Winter”. The star grew up in a musical family and has always turned to the medium to express himself. Now, after months in the studio, he releases his debut offering ‘Life’s Journey’.

Like the two singles, Charlie continues to blend indie folk with various pop influences on the record. The star has made sure that every element on the record is perfect. The songwriting is exceptional, he shines through his vocal performance and the melodies will ensure you’ll be humming the tracks for a long time after listening to them.

The song writing process saw Finch draw a lot from his life, grabbing moments and creating them into songs. Some came quick and the others took ages to develop. Finch explains saying “The songs all usually stem from a moment in my life that stands out and then I would just sit down with a guitar or a piano and start writing. Sometimes the songs just poured out in a very short amount of time and other times I only ended up finishing a song years later.” His exceptional ability to transform feelings into emotional songs is what will set him apart and he seems to do this effortlessly.

In fact, Charlie admits that some of the world’s biggest pop stars had a hand in influencing the way he writes songs. “I’d listen to a lot of Ed Sheeran, Mumford & sons and Coldplay,” he says. “The way they write and the sounds they create have definitely played a role in the way I write. I’ve always been interested in the lyrics of songs and the stories they tell, it’s always interesting to me to hear how someone interprets a song I’ve written and what I intended for the song to convey.”

However, despite his natural knack for songwriting, the album has been a long time coming and the star is excited that the world can finally hear what he has been working on. “I’ve been looking forward to releasing this album for so long and now the day is finally here. I’m honestly just so excited for people to hear it and see what their favorite songs are,” he says. However, when asked which his favourite song is, the star had a hard time answering. “It’s hard for me to say which are my favorite songs on the album as I feel like all of them are a part of me,” he says. “I really love ‘Elaine’ as it was quite a significant moment in my life that I was writing about, and the song always brings back so many memories.”

Charlie’s ‘Life’s Journey’ is available on all major digital platforms right now.

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