If, like me, it feels like you’ve been waiting ages for a new single from Jimmy Nevis, we’re happy to announce that the star is finally ready to start his brand new era. Ahead of the release of his upcoming third studio album ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ later this year, the star has premiered ‘Ballin’’, the official lead single off the album.

Jimmy joins forces with producer Sketchy Bongo yet again after the success the two had on their previous 5FM Sony Xperia Mash Lab collaboration ‘All About It’ which was released early last year. The soulful track has a beautiful nostalgic feel to it and showcases Jimmy’s smooth, emotional vocal ability beautifully. The track sees the star lean towards a stronger R&B sound than ever before and hints at an exciting change of sonic direction.

“The song is about living your best life,” Jimmy explains. “It’s all about being fearless!” He adds that while recording this song, he allowed himself to freestyle more than ever instead of planning each lyric and melody. “For me this has been a whole new way of creating music and it feels so right, and I definitely think it comes across strongly in ‘Ballin’’.

However, the past year has been filled with dark times which almost saw Jimmy give up his music career for good. “Music became boring for me and I wasn’t finding what I was looking for…,” he explains. “In a way, I think the entire experience had to happen for me to dig as deep as I did to produce what I can now say I’m extremely proud of. This is a fresh start for me.”

Jimmy further adds that turning 25 had a massive impact on both him as a person and the music he creates. “I turned 25 this year and it really felt like a big deal to me,” he admits. “Once I surrendered to and accepted my age, how I look, who I am, what I like and dislike and all that goes along with those emotions and decisions I also discovered how I truly want my music to sound, which is incredibly important to me as it is a direct reflection of my soul.” This rediscovery helped him find his passion for music again which is why the collection of songs on his upcoming album is some of his most special yet. This is why Jimmy admits that ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ is “an unapologetic and honest reflection of me at the age of 25; in all its glory and beautiful madness. It’s been a long journey, and I can say that I’ve been working on this album for a total of two and a half years.”

I’m really excited to see that Jimmy is back with a bang. The new single is an exciting new direction for him in an era we think will be his most exciting and personal yet. The song is available on all major digital platforms now. Support local music and download or stream the song today.

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