DJ Sliqe is making major waves in the local music industry at the moment. His new album ‘INJAYAM Vol. 1’ is filled with hits such as ‘On It’ with Shekhinah, ‘Bay 2’ with AKA, Yanga and JR as well as ‘Flexin’ with Stilo Magolide, Tweezy, Zingha. The DJ dabbles within the dance and hip-hop genre and effortlessly creates hits. His debut album is a star-studded event and it’s clear the star demands perfection. As his star continues to shine brightly, the DJ chats to us as he opens up about the new album, hip-hop in South Africa and diversifying his music.

Where did your passion for music begin?

It started back in primary school when I got introduced to international pop/hip hop by my older cousin. However, it manifested in metric when I started DJing as a hobby at home and that’s where the passion truly began.

The hip-hop scene in South Africa has grown tremendously. What drew you to the genre personally?

I’ve always been hip-hop influenced. The internet and TV have a huge roll to play as I grew up listening to rappers like Eminem, 50 Cent, Bow Wow, Snoop Dogg amongst others. Movies like ‘Stop The Yard’ also influenced our culture growing up. These dance movies, cramping, baggy clothes and the hip-hop labels we would wear all played a huge role in shaping our youth.

Your debut album ‘INJAYAM Vol. 1’ is packed with some of the country’s best musicians. Who was the most exciting act to collaborate for you?

To be quite honest, I was most excited to work with Shekhinah. She is just full of love and happiness. It was an awesome experience working with her on ‘On It’.

What do you think makes the album stand out?

The music. My album is different in styles but it does not lack music. When I say music, I mean you can play the album five years later and it would still be good. It has a lot of South African flavour which is something we can all relate to. There’s something for everyone on here.

‘On It’, your single with Shekhinah, is doing incredibly well. What inspired that song?

It started off with our studio experience. The studio was full of men and rappers wanted to “get on” with the song. After that, we manifested it into a love story and the song came to life.

Why do you think so many people have identified with the song?

It’s relatable. There are a few lyrics which everybody can relate to. You can’t listen to the song without a lyric grabbing your attention.

The album is quite diverse sonically. How important is it to explore different sounds in your music?

We are a multi-cultured country. As a DJ, it is important to understand all different styles of music and to be able to connect with almost everyone. Therefore making music for one demographic doesn’t really make sense. I really want to leave a legacy so I make sure I attempt to touch everyone in the country regardless of culture.

What is the most exciting part of making music?

It’s easily when the idea finally comes together into a final product. Having a song completed is the best feeling in the world.

What do the next few months have in store for you?

I am currently working on an album for SABC 1’s new hip-hop show ‘One Mic’. On the show, each episode has a winner and each winner wins a fully produced song by myself and Tweezy which is exciting. I will also start working on my next album soon. For now, you can expect many more music videos from my debut album.

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