YouTuber Alex Aiono is known for his incredible covers but over the past few months, he has been serious about his original compositions. Earlier this year, the 21-year-old star released ‘Hot2Touch’, his banging collaboration with EDM producer Felix Jaehn and now, he’s teamed up with Trinidad Cardona for his next single – a track titled ‘Does It Feel Like Falling’.

Alex dabbles in a lovely space sonically – somewhere between pop and EDM. It’s a place not many young stars are playing in and he sounds incredibly comfortable in that space. The production is slick and somewhat experimental while Alex uses his smooth vocals to croon over the song. The song has summer written all over it and is edgy enough to stand out of the crowd. The song is further proof that Alex has what it takes to make it as a solo artist in the tough pop sphere.

The star shot a fun video for the track as well. In the video, Alex is seen at a pool party when a gorgeous girl catches his eye. “We shot the video over two days during the most intense heatwave in L.A. in years,” Alex explains. “It was over 100 degrees both days, which I think gave the video this steamy intensity about it, at a house party, doing donuts in a car — that was dope! — abandoned building street fire. And the narrative was more about hooking up with that girl that’s a part of your inner-circle and there’s tension there and the chemistry just lights up.” Could Alex be the next big star on the horizon? We guess time will tell…

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