Brendan Peyper quickly became a household name after ‘Stop, Wag Bly Nog ‘n Bietjie’ became a radio smash and since then, he has been releasing hit after hit. After going gold with his debut record, the Afrikaans pop star is back with his highly-anticipated second studio album ‘ Hy Loop Oop’. The album includes the new hit single ‘Twee Is Beter As Een’ and shows a lot of growth and maturity in the star. This week, the Tropika Island Of Treasure contestant tells us more about his new album, the new single and what lies next.

Congrats on your new album! How is this record different to your debut offering?

Thank you! My debut album was mainly to get my name out there in this crazy yet awesome music industry we have. My new album is much more personal and tells a little bit more about myself and my roots. We definitely tried to take it to the next level, production and songwriting wise.

The album is titled ‘Hy Loop Oop’. Why that title?

My friends and I always used the term ‘Hy Loop Oop’ if something went well and especially after a successful rugby match. I had that proud, happy feeling when I completed the recording process on the new album which is why I named the album after this song.

Your comeback single ‘Twee Is Beter As Een’ has been well-received. What inspired the track?

I was inspired by a three-year relationship I was in that didn’t work out. The song tells the story of getting something that you lost back. It was something I experienced personally and something I felt necessary to put into song.

The growth from your debut album to this one is incredibly clear. Where do you see the most growth in your music since then?

I definitely feel a change in my vocal ability. I was in the studio working with producers such as Robin Kielly, Sean Butler, Dirk van Niekerk, Jake Odendaal and Murray Lubbe. These guys are not just producers but also the best vocal coaches I could ask for and I can feel my vocal ability grow every single time I work with one of them. It’s an awesome feeling.

You’ve worked with some incredible songwriters on the album. Talk to us a bit about the songwriting process behind the record.

Yes, I worked with some insane songwriters like Kosie van Niekerk, Niel Schoombee, Ernst Kleynhans, Roux Cloete, William Loots and Vaughn Gardner on the record and it was such an honor. They are great personalities and they have true passion for music. I wrote a lot of these songs from my heart and based it on personal experiences and they really helped me elevate my stories into music.

Sonically, you dabble within the pop space but the album has a heavy country influence. What is it about country music that speaks to you?

I often prefer listening to country music. It’s a genre I really identify with. Keith Urban, Chris Daughtry and John Mayer are some of my favourite artists and I love how they blend country and pop. They inspire me a lot. I think country music is the “gentleman” of music and my mother raised me to be a gentleman. There is so much about the genre that speaks to me.

Do you have a favourite track off the record? If so, what is it about that song that stands out to you?

My favourite track on the album is ‘Jou Mond Is In Die Pad’. The song is influenced by modern country music and it’s exactly the genre I enjoy listening to. There’s a spark of magic in it.

You learned to play guitar at five years old. Talk to us a bit about how you fell in love with music.

I fell in love with music the day I could play my first three chords on guitar. After conquering that, I felt a drive and a connection with music and the more I built on that, the more I fell in love.

Now that the album is out, what can we expect from you over the next few months?

I will be traveling the country and promoting the new album. I will be gigging in small towns, corporate functions and massive festivals. I hope I see you at a show soon. I will also be shooting the next season of Tropika Island Of Treasure in November.

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