You heard right! Legendary Afrikaans rock group, Fokofpolisiear, has finally made their highly-anticipated comeback. What started off as a dream soon became a crowdfunding project which saw the group raise over R1 million. The band promised a kick-ass album and after months in studio, ‘Selfmedikasie’ released in store and on iTunes and Apple Music today.

The album encompasses all the elements of the group we have fallen in love with over the past few years. The lyrics are profound, Francois Van Coke proves he’s still the hard-core rocker we met over a decade ago and the instrumentals are refreshing and intricate. The album’s lead single ‘Dis In My Bloed, Baby’ encompasses Fokofpolisiekar as a group and is set to be a crowd-pleaser at the group’s upcoming shows. “[The song] is a portrayal, maybe exaggerated, of our political anxiety. The tremendous idea of decolonization (an idea I like very much) is told in a mini-story similar to that of Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers,” the group’s Hunter Kennedy shares. “The story is depicted in the accompanied artwork in the CD booklet. It is packaged in a Thrash-punk throwback á la Propagandhi.”

Meanwhile, Francois Van Coke shares the reason the group named this record ‘Selfmedikasie’. “‘Selfmedikasie’ is the title of one of the tunes on the album, but the band believes that Fokofpolisiekar has had a therapeutic influence on our lives,” he shares. “It really helped me over the years to shout to people night after night at our shows. It helped to me to calm down. Fokofpolisiekar was our church, family and medication.”

‘Selfmedikasie’ was entirely self-produced and recorded at Fokofpolisiekar’s guitarist, Johnny de Ridder’s studio in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town and we’re thrilled to have the group back with brand new music – and the response has been fantastic so far. In fact, the album made its debut on the South African iTunes chart at number one! Welcome back, Fokofpolisiekar. We’ve missed you.

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