Nooooo! One of South Africa’s most dynamic boybands Four has officially announced their split. The group won the first (and only) season of The X Factor South Africa back in 2014 and after trying their best to break into the industry, David Januari, Steven Lewis and Jethro Tait decided that the time was right to move on from the group and focus on their solo careers.

“After 3 incredible years we have decided to part ways as a group and pursue solo careers,” the group confirmed in a heartfelt social media post. “To our fans, family and friends- we cannot begin to express our gratitude for the support we have received from all of you. We don’t take any of it for granted. You changed our lives when you helped us win The X Factor and you gave us the opportunity to pursue music as a career. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything!”

The group, however, doesn’t want fans to think there was any sort of animosity between the members. “We remain close friends and FOUR will always be a part of each of us,” they add. “We hope we’ll continue to have your support as we move on to the next stage of our careers and explore what we have to offer as solo artists. We are very excited about this new transition and look forward to working on individual musical offerings. The journey continues!”

The split seems to have been a long time coming if you really focus on the group’s movements recently. While usually very active on social media, the group’s official pages have been rather quiet and back in August, they did the last of their weekly acoustic covers – something fans looked forward to every week.

Unfortunately, if you really look at it, nothing about the group worked. Although each individual member is incredibly talented, I can’t help but feel that each one wanted something different from the group. Their afro-pop approach didn’t sound genuine (as much as it was an exciting place to play in) and because of this the group failed to connect with the majority of the country. I also found it incredibly weird that the group dropped their debut EP back in August this year – almost three years after winning the competition. It hints at multiple delays which is an indication that something just wasn’t working.

I do think that the group had the potential to be great but I feel that this is the best decision for them. Each of the members has an incredible vocal and I’m excited to see where their journey takes them. Jethro has already started his transition as he appears on Pascal & Pearce’s comeback single ‘Running Wild’ which drops tomorrow.

It’s always sad when groups announce their split but I am so excited to see what the boys bring on their new solo adventures. Good luck, boys.

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