Five years ago, Pascal & Pearce burst onto the local dance scene with their vibrant take on EDM. Their fresh approach and exciting collaborations led to two exciting records which saw them team up with the likes of Locnville, Da L.E.S, Louise Carver, Jimmy Nevis, Daniel Baron and many more. However, the group has been very quiet over the past few years but is ready to make their exciting comeback. Pascal & Pearce is planning their comeback and they’ve just released ‘Running Wild’ – their exciting new collaboration with former FOUR member Jethro Tait.

The group is another exceptionally-produced dance track. The track has a groovy bass line which serves as the star of the production while blended with deep beats and a catchy electronic chorus. However, the production doesn’t mask Jethro’s smooth vocal delivery. The EDM space is new for the star and he seems incredibly comfortable in the genre. The song is a great introduction to the star’s solo style – something we’ll be seeing more of now that he’s signed to Universal Music.

“We’re very stoked to get this track out, it’s been in the making for ages. We’ve been trying to work with Jethro since we met him late last year, and the timing was finally right – it’s been a pleasure to collaborate with him on this project,” Pascal & Pearce said in a statement. “We wanted the track to have a feel-good summer vibe to it, but also carry some slightly darker undertones. We’re very happy with the final result, and can’t wait for the release!”

Meanwhile, Jethro is incredibly excited about his future with Universal Music and enjoyed working alongside Pascal & Pearce on this track. “After meeting to do some [with Pascal & Pearce] I heard the instrumental for ‘Running Wild’ and was instantly drawn to it. Initially, because of timing, I was almost unable to feature on the song but luck was on our side and I couldn’t be happier that things worked out,” Jethro tells us. “Lyrically the song speaks about that feeling of lying awake at night, trying to fall asleep but your mind is over thinking everything. In this case the relationship.”

‘Running Wild’ is available now on your favourite digital platform.

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