Local crooner, Mathew Gold, made a massive return last year with his hit singles ‘Lay Down’ and ‘Never Mind’. The tracks serve as the lead singles off his brand new self-titled album – his first record in four years. Earlier this year he dropped the beautiful ballad ‘Magnetic Field’ which quickly became another massive single for the star. This week, we get up close and personal with Mathew as he opens up about the new record, the album’s diversity and he has some advice for up and coming musicians.

You’ve just released your brand new self-titled album. How is this album different from ‘The Rush’?

This is my album. It’s very personal and there is so much beauty in the detail. I never knew I could love my own music so much and I am really proud of this album.

This album has been three years in the making. What was the reason behind this long timespan?

I wanted to really take my time and explore every option when it came to writing, collaborating and producing this entire album. It was such an adventure. Working with so many different people from different cultures and countries for over 3 years, I needed to believe in the music and quality of the album.

Sonically, the album is incredibly diverse. Tell us a bit about that decision?

I embraced my versatility and passion for so many different styles of music. I enjoyed making music my own way again. Also being diverse keeps the listeners on their toes.

‘Never Mind’ was a massive hit around the country. What inspired the single?

Lyrically it’s a story about how I met my girlfriend Kamini Pather three years ago in Illovo. I worked alongside DJ Deemo and Sketchy Bongo on the production of the track and there we had no doubt that the song would be different to anything out on radio right now. I am really proud of the track.

You slow it down with your latest single ‘Magnetic Field’. Tell us a bit more about that track.

The song is my tribute to R&B music. I worked with Bubele Booi on the song and it’s one that has really made an impact on my music. I went to a place vocally that really connects with people and the music video really painted a beautiful picture. The music video set was built and directed by Christian Wolf and team which brings the story I am trying to tell together.

The album is an extremely personal one for you. How easy is it to put your feelings into words and subsequently into music?

To be honest, I was convinced it would be harder. People have responded to the truth and you can hear that conviction in my voice throughout the album.

How nerve-wracking is it putting out a new body of work for the world to hear?

It’s the complete opposite for me. This time I was excited. My love and passion for music still makes me jump around the studio like a little boy. The way I make music and approach music is fulfilling enough not for me to ever over think it.

Many aspiring musicians read these interviews. If you could give them one piece of advice, what would it be?

Invest in yourself. If music is your passion then invest and put time and effort into you passion. Your dreams don’t come true when you just sitting around.

Now that the album is out, what do the next few months have in store for you?

I am hoping to bring my live shows to many cities around the country and, honestly, I would love to rest my mind for a week or so somewhere near the ocean. Oh, and people can expect more music in the years to come.

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