Local pop group Rubber Duc are known for their quirky jazzy pop tracks but as they head into a new era, the group is stepping outside of their comfort zone. On their new single ‘One Move Away’, the group teams up with the mysterious producer PLSTK PIDJN who gives a tropical house mix to the Rubber Duc sound we have fallen in love with.

The group gives a more subdued performance and sound incredibly comfortable in this new genre. However, this doesn’t mean that they’ve ditched their old sound entirely. The group’s signature saxophone solo makes a short appearance in the song which ties everything together beautifully.

Rubber Duc explains that the collaboration with PLSTK PIDJN was a bizarre but liberating experience and they have yet to meet the mysterious producer. The producer contacted the group and after a conversation, the group was intrigued to pursue their first collaboration. “We couldn’t believe it! PLSTK PIDJN is super shy and somewhat strange,” the group explains. “[He is] a person who hates the limelight and wants to stay in the background and just produce music. The entire collaboration happened on the web, which is pretty cool, isn’t it? Everything happens in the cloud these days!”

We’ve come to expect great music videos from Rubber Duc and they didn’t disappoint with ‘One Move Away’. The group once again teamed up with Kyle White and created a simple yet beautiful visual for the track. PLSTK PIDJN said someone would be at the shoot and someone arrived, but nothing about PLSTK PIDJN was confirmed. Whether it was actually him/her in the video is now as big a mystery. “The guy at the shoot wouldn’t reveal a thing. He just got on with it, took my direction, and when his scene was done, he left,” Kyle explains. “I don’t know who would go through all that effort! But hey, I still don’t know what the Gorillaz or Daft Punk look like, and do I care? No! I love their music!”

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