I know I say this with every single release that The Vamps drop, but the group is seriously underrated. They prove this yet again as they join forces with Maggie Lindemann for their brand new single ‘Personal’.

The pop track has subtle tropical elements to it and the production gives way for the group to show off their surprisingly strong vocals. The song is cute, relatable and the perfect pop banger. Maggie also adds a lovely element to the song and her voice blends together nicely with that of the boys. The collaboration is fire and is set to be a radio smash.

“We haven’t really heard anything that sounds like it and it doesn’t sound like anything we’ve done before,” the group’s Brad Simpson says. “It’s very based around the lyrics and the rhythmic elements and the melodic elements. So it’s all around the vocal and, like, how that progresses around the track. You kind of get two sides of this story and it’s kind of the story of the guy who thinks that the girl he’s in love with can do better than the guy she’s with. By that, he thinks she should be with him.”

‘Personal’ is out now on all major digital platforms.

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