Chad Saaiman has one of the most incredible voices in South Africa but has been keeping a rather low profile – and now we know why! The star has been working on his brand new EP ‘Future Forever’ which is finally available.

The project’s debut single ‘Belief’ became a moderate hit and the star will be releasing ‘Go’ as the five-track EP’s next single. The track has a strong 80’s feel to it and it’s something a little different from the star. The funky bassline, synth-driven instrumentals and fun lyrics make this a fresh release and though not the most radio-friendly, it’s nice to see Chad mixing it up a little bit.

The title of the EP – Future Forever – represents Saaiman’s unwavering attitude to always improving, challenging and driving himself to create a long-lasting legacy that will be remembered for years to come. “It’s about never settling for the mediocre,” Chad said. “I feel ready to release the EP now…” he adds. “For the past three years I’ve only been focused on producing singles so it’s high time I present a body of work…yeah, it’s just the right time to do this, really.”

Chad wants people to dance while taking a piece of his soul home with them when listening to this EP. “I want people to have fun with it, and be inspired at the same time. I don’t see why the two cannot go together,” he says.

The EP is available now on all major digital platforms.

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