Over the past few days, a video of an old white lady jamming out to Bhizer’s hit single ‘Gobisiqolo’ has gone viral. Jasmine Branford posted a video of her 78-year-old grandmother Maureen Craig singing along to the Xhosa song and the video has spread like wildfire.

Speaking to HeraldLive, Jasmine said: “I was just randomly playing music from my phone and I looked behind me and saw my nana dancing. I couldn’t help but record her because she was having so much fun. My nana is so much fun to be around because when I play music‚ she dances and you can see the happiness. I posted it on my status on WhatsApp. A few friends asked me to send it to them‚ so I did. Next thing‚ I get people tagging me in the video that’s now been posted on all these [Facebook] pages.”

Naturally, Maureen didn’t expect to become a social media star and is thrilled the country has seen her fun-loving approach to life and South African culture. “I am shocked. I didn’t expect it as we were just having fun in the moment,” Maureen said. “It was my first time hearing [the song]‚ but I asked my granddaughter to play it over because it just made me want to dance. It was so catchy that I just couldn’t help but dance with my granddaughter coaching me‚” Maureen explained. “I enjoy music. I have to have the radio playing throughout the day. It’s a must.”

If you haven’t seen the video yet, watch it here:

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