One song you’re definitely heard all over the commercial radio stations around the country recently is the brilliant new single from Camila Cabello. The star has been exploring her solo career after famously quitting Fifth Harmony last year and the song has quickly become her most successful single to date. Now, as the single continues to gain momentum, the singer has released a beautiful video for the single.

The song, produced by Pharrell Williams and Frank Dukes, is a homage to the star’s hometown. Camila was born in Cuba before she emigrated to the United States and it was important for her to share a piece of her heritage with the world. The song also sees the star take on a different sonic direction than the rest of the songs on her upcoming debut solo album. “So “Havana” is an idea that I had for a song title; a lot of my songs are more dark and emotional. [This is] more summer, upbeat, it’s very wind-your-waist tempo, if that makes sense?” she says.

Meanwhile, the star has put a lot of effort into the visual for the song. The video starts off with Camila watching a telanovela before her grandmother encourages her to go out and explore the world. The video is beautifully shot and adds a beautiful element to the song. In the video, Camila stars as a bit of a nerd and tells us she resonates more with that side of her than the glamorous popstar we know. “[My mother’s] main thing was just like, ‘We don’t have money to get you into college, so you’re going to have to get a scholarship and you’re going to have to study your butt off.’ That was always my main focus. I was a book nerd,” she says. The track has made us incredibly excited for her debut album and we’re counting down the days until it’s out.

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