He’s a young, fresh face in the local South African music scene and over the past few months, Josh Middleton has really made an impact. His debut single ‘Monster’ is unlike anything any other 14 year old has released. With his signature glasses and epic style, Josh is quickly building a brand for himself. With a smash hit under his belt and a collaboration with Aewon Wolf, the world really is Josh’s oyster.

You’re relatively new to the music scene. How did you fall in love with music?

I fell in love with music at a rather early age. I remember I was five when I was singing songs from the movie Mamma Mia with my mom on the way to school and I have been hooked ever since.

How would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as current pop pitched at an international level.

You’re new single ‘Monster’ is dominating local radio. How did the song come about?

Writing a hit song has always been a dream of mine and it inspired me to write a song that people wanted to listen to. So, I spent a lot of time and effort and “Monster” was born. It’s a song I’m really proud of.

What makes it the perfect introduction to you as a musician?

I think ‘Monster’ is the perfect lead single because it introduces me perfectly showing off both my vocals and my versatility.

The track has an epic video as well. Tell us a bit about the creative decision behind the video and a bit about the day on set.

The music video’s concept was created by Brett and Claire Jones from Tall Creatives and myself. We wanted to have a video that could compliment the song in meaning and style. The music video is very current and edgy specifically while doing the projection shots. Filming was lots of fun we worked for about 12 hours non-stop, we also came up with a whole lot of creative ideas on set while shooting.

What has been the biggest challenge for you as a young new artist?

The biggest challenge for me being a new young artist is that I have to prove to everyone that they can trust me as a 14 year old. Sometimes my age throws people off.

What do the next few months have in store for you?

In the next few months I plan on dropping another single or two before I launch an album early next year.

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