Dominic Neill has had an impressive year. The star’s latest single ‘Out Of My League’, which features The Voice Nigeria winner A’Rese, has done exceptionally well and the response to his debut album, named after the song, has been phenomenal. Now, as he continues with the promotion of the record, Dominic serves us another killer collaboration as he teams up with Lady Zamar for his new single ‘Taken By You’ – and it’s set to be the song of the summer.

Both Dominic and Lady Zamar are exciting new talents on the local front and their diversity comes together beautifully on this new track. The track, produced by Bubele Booi and David Balshaw, sees both artists put their strengths together for a magnificent result. The subtle lounge sound makes ‘Taken By You’ an easy listen while the dance element makes this one you can groove to as well. The track is well written, catchy and has the opportunity to cross over into multiple genres – something that will help expose both artists to a versatile audience.

“I always get asked what my ‘process’ for writing music is and I always tell people that I don’t have one and “Taken By You” is a perfect example of that. David Balshaw and Bubele Booi, the producers, played me an idea that I would’ve skipped 9 times out of 10 but I heard something in it so we fiddled with this idea until it became what I heard and turned into “Taken By You”, which was a first for me in terms of ‘process,’” Dominic shares. “My record label, Universal Music, suggested I get Lazy Zamar on the track and I jumped at the opportunity, obviously. She’s incredible and has the strongest dimple game in the world too. It’s also a serious homage to house in a bizarre way and I just hope people like it.” The song is available on Dominic’s debut album now. Support local music and download or stream the track today.

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