The lads from Acoustic Element have decided to mix things up a little on their new side-project ALT EGO. Here, the group blends their love for dance and classical music in an incredibly unique way. Their debut single ‘Get Wild’ became a monster hit on radio stations across the country and now, the group has just released their debut self-titled album. This week, the group opens up about their new project, what makes them different and their hot new single.

You mix beautiful elements of violin and guitar with dance music. What sparked this unique approach to dance music?

It started with our debut single off the album, called “Get Wild”, which features the Hungarian Dance by Brahms. We really enjoyed using such an old and iconic piece of music and adapting it to a more modern style of dance music. The reception to the single has been amazing and we are really stoked with the response.

Other than the use of these elements, what makes ALT EGO unique from any other dance act in the country?

We are absolutely obsessed with bringing an event that unexpected vibe! We take our audience on a musical journey involving bits of pop, hip-hop, dance and EDM! We can bring the DJ element, an acoustic vibe and we’ll be sure to get people dancing.

You’ve just released your debut self-titled album and you’ve worked with some big names on it. What was that process like?

We have made some really good industry friends since the starting with the album. To have the likes of Lakota Silva, Mathew Gold and FOUR on our debut album has been just exceptional. The process usually involved us making the “backtrack” along DJ Cosher, this is where we really create the feel we want for the song and the notation thereof. We then get our guest artist into studio and they show off, we pick the ideas we like and run with it. It’s really a smooth process.

‘Get Wild’ is the lead single off the project. What makes this the perfect introduction to the group?

Get Wild encompasses the sound and direction of not only the album, but also the brand – fusing the classical genre with house and dance influences. We look at it as a musical introduction to what you can expect on the album.

The song was inspired by your travels to the East. Tell us a bit more about that.

We were attending a party called the Jungle Experience and realized we didn’t have enough money for the evening. We made friends with Hungarians who were in the same position as us, and literally missioned through a jungle to try and sneak in! Being the good mamma’s boys we are, it was quite the experience! But, we (obviously) got caught. We wanted to relate this entire experience into this song – the excitement, the genre of music we were hearing at the time, the people (Hungarian friends inspired the classical Hungarian Dance), the Jungle itself inspired the tropical, jungle sounds. And the use of classical versus house was inspired by these two good boys that tried to get away with something naughty!

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