I’m not much of a spa guy. I’ve been to a few over the past few years but, as relaxing as it is, it’s not something I do regularly. But, when Fusionista Spa in Randburg invited me to a morning of relaxation, I was thrilled to get some much-needed downtime. I left feeling like a completely different person to the one I walked in as and it made me wonder why we don’t spend more time taking a break from the busy schedules we tend to live.

I had never heard of Fusionista Spa before visiting but I am so glad to have discovered this hidden gem. For me, a spa experience always needs to feel like an escape and I honestly felt like I was somewhere out of the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg and, for those few hours, it was exactly what I needed.

The facility is impressive. The spa was previously housed under the Kai Thai brand but was recently renovated and rebranded. The spa has a variety of different rooms to enhance your experience. From darker rooms such as the bamboo room, the crystal room, the candle room to the chime room and the jacuzzi room, the resort ensures that the customer has more than enough choices to increase the overall ambiance of their spa experience. I opted to use the Koi room for my massage. The room is outdoors and housed under a glass hut with a glass floor. What makes this room so special is the amount of water features and greenery around you. This is paired with an outside shower, a fireplace, small dining area and a bathroom! Oh – and the hut is built over a koi pond! This means that you can watch the fish swim below you while you’re enjoying your treatment. It’s incredibly relaxing and the room is exquisite. In fact, the resort admits that it’s the room where most of their proposals happen.

I opted for a hot stone massage which was EVERYTHING! I’m such a fan of the massage’s technique, the impact it has on both my muscles and how relaxed I feel during and after the massage. Kadjita (my masseuse) was phenomenal. She continued to check how I’m feeling and put her all into the massage. She was full of life and we had great conversations. What’s unique about Fusionista is that patrons have the option of choosing a scented candle which is subsequently lit and placed under your bed. The aromas add a greater sensory experience to the massage. It’s something I have never seen before and I honestly think all spas should be looking to add this into their offering.

The facility also has a restaurant, a conference centre, a sauna and a hair salon on property and, naturally, I headed straight to get a bite to eat after my relaxing massage. The kitchen sent through a shot of their coconut milkshake which blew my mind. It was easily one of the best milkshakes I have ever had in my entire life and I would easily return just for that. The restaurant has a variety of Thai options to satisfy any palate. I started my meal off with some chicken dim sum which was incredibly tasty. For mains, I ordered the sizzling beef which wasn’t what I was expecting. It wasn’t served on a hot plate like I am used to and rather on a dish which houses two candles at the bottom. It was an interesting spin but lacked flavour so I wouldn’t order that specific dish again.

That being said, the spa is world-class. The staff are friendly, the treatments are incredible (and reasonably priced!) and you’ll leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on anything that comes your way. I really enjoyed my experience and I can’t wait to visit Fusionista again soon.

For more information, visit www.fusionista.co.za.

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