‪Afrikaans pop star Willem Botha made his highly-anticipated return earlier this year when he released ‘Soen & Vergeet’ – the title track off his brand new album and first in close to five years. The song did relatively well on radio stations across the country who have been waiting for the star’s return and now, he’s back with the second single off the project – the fan-favourite ‘Swartskaap’.

The song has a lovely acoustic sound to it and begins with a contemporary take on a nursery rhyme – something different that quickly captures one’s attention. Vocally, Willem puts on a more delicate performance on the verses before belting it out during the chorus. The star admits that ‘Swartskaap’ is one of his favourite tracks off ‘Soen & Vergeet’ and adds that it’s the perfect anthem for the summer – which is why releasing it now was a great idea. The music video tells a simple love story – one without the bells and whistles (much like the production style of the song) and highlights the message of the song nicely.

Willem has always understood how to connect to his audiences and this song does just that. The song shows off a different side of the star despite the fact that he stays true to the pop sound he has built for himself over the past few years. Willem continues to be a powerhouse within the Afrikaans music space on top of the presenting and acting he has undertaken over the past few years. ‘Swartskaap’ song is now available on the star’s new album ‘Soen & Vergeet’ which is available both physically and on all digital platforms right now.

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