After releasing ‘Children Of The Sun’ last year, Daniel Baron cemented his position as one of the most exciting pop acts in the country. He recently released his third studio album ‘Weekend Of Mass Destruction’ which sees the star push boundaries as he leans to a more electronic approach to music. This week, Daniel opens up about the album’s songwriting process, the impact the song had on his career and which track on the new record means the most to him.

‘Children of the Sun’ became a massive single for you. Why do you think so many people identified with it?

I think that regardless of age, gender or cultural background, everybody loves singing along to a catchy tune while dancing to a cool beat. That was my aim with ‘Children of the Sun’ – bringing people together through music.

You’ve just dropped your new album. Why name it ‘Weekend Of Mass Destruction’?

The first reason is that it’s a striking title and one which I thought it sounded pretty cool. The deeper reason is that this album is all about the destruction of negativity and hatred. I believe that this can only be done by celebrating a universal love with a weekend of music and dance.

The album sees you take a more electronic sonic approach. Where did that idea come about?

I have always been intrigued and fascinated by creating new sounds and fusing genres together. I am obsessed with producing what I imagine the future will sound like.

The songwriting on the album is exceptional. What, in your opinion, makes for a great pop track?

First off, I don’t think there are rules in music. I believe I have taken a few risks with the structures of these songs. Yet, if I look at my songs and other artist’s songs that are most successful, they generally have two things: Something that gets stuck in your head, and something that connects with your soul.

You produced the album yourself. What was the biggest advantage and challenge about this process?

One of the greatest challenges is to know when to stop producing a song and to let it be. In most of these tracks, the song had already been produced in my brain, and I just had to convert it into an audio format. I also had a lot of help from my good friend and brilliant producer Tjaart Van Der Walt (I call him the Tjaart-Topper!)

Which track off the album means the most to you?

It’s between “Piano Off The Roof” and “Electro”. The first song talks about my career and my love/hate relationship with music. The latter is a stripped down song written for the love of my life. I recorded it on a 1960 Yamaha Piano that my grandfather gave to me which gives it even more of a sentimental meaning.

Your single ‘Weekend’ was a crowd-favourite as well. What inspired the song?

The song is a fun dance song that carries a deep message that if we don’t use the love that we all have inside of us, then the world is going to come to an end sooner than later.

Now that the album is out, what can we expect from you in the months to come?

I am currently touring the album across our beautiful country and performing all the new songs with a brand new live set. I’m now playing drums onstage too! I hope to bring my music to fans all across the country! Keep an eye out on my social media for upcoming shows.

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