Maggie Lindemann is one of the most exciting new faces in pop music today. Earlier this year, the star shot to fame with the Cheat Codes remix of her debut single ‘Pretty Girl’ and joined forces with The Vamps on their hit new single ‘Perfect’ and now, she’s ready to come into her own as a solo artist. The 19-year-old singer released her brand new single ‘Obsessed’ and proves she’s deserving of the spotlight.

The pop song has various tropical elements and a ‘popcorn’ sound to it – a technique made famous in various Eastern European countries. The song starts off subtly before the star shows off what her vocal is really made of in the chorus. Maggie does play it pretty safe with the single but it does the job – it’s radio friendly, showcases the star’s impressive vocal ability and stays on trend with what is dominating the airwaves at the moment. The track is well-written and we easily see it playing on radio stations around the world.

“I think it’s a really cool song, and people are going to like it and be able to kind of relate to it, ’cause you know, I feel like we’ve all met someone or been with someone that was obsessed with themselves,” Maggie says of her new single. “[The song is] about being with someone more physically than being with them emotionally. Then, you know, obviously it’s not as fun as always being a little obsessed with themselves and you’re not able to really connect with them on any other level than that. It’s not putting down being obsessed with yourself, because in the end it’s like, ‘I’m obsessed with myself too.’ Just kind of talking about that and not being able to connect.

The star is building up a name for herself within the pop space internationally and the interest is there. Maggie will be working this single all the way through the new year as she prepares her next move. “[I’m] really excited for what’s to come in the future with working on an album and touring,” Maggie explains. Maggie is an incredibly talented musician and one of our must-watch artists for 2018!

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