Demi Lovato isn’t plying games this era. Although the star failed to get any Grammy nominations for her new album (which is a sim but a conversation for another day), the star keeps delivering. Her previous single ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ became the star’s biggest single to date and as promotion continues on the album’s title track, Demi released a cinematic video to accompany the song.

The video follows Demi and her fiancé Jesse Williams as they go through the ups and the downs of a relationship. However, the trust just doesn’t seem to be there and tears their engagement apart – right before they say ‘I Do’. “It’s possible we’re not ready,” Jesse tells Demi. However, Demi is insistent. “We’re ready. I’ve never been more ready,” she assures him before everything goes south. The song is the perfect follow-up to ‘Sorry Not Sorry’, which is holding tight within the Billboard Hot 100’s Top 10, and shows a raw, emotional side of the star. Demi gives her best vocal performance to date on the track and proves she has so much more up her sleeve.

Watch the intense video here:

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