We’re familiar with Danine Naidoo from her early days as a presenter on ‘Hectic Nine-9’. Since then, she has been a constant face on our televisions. However, 2017 sees a change in direction for the star. She has announced that she was taking a break from TV to focus on another love of hers – music. The star recently released her debut single ‘Rock Me’ and opens up to us about the single, her passion for music and the song’s epic music video.

We know you as a bubbly TV presenter but we had no idea you had a passion for music as well! Where did that begin?

To be honest, this side of me is the realest and wildest dream I’ve had even before TV presenting crossed my path. I’ve wanted it since childhood and it’s what’s consumed my heart’s biggest desires forever. But, I was a closet case and had to get over myself in a big way before actually chasing music actively.

How different is the music side of the entertainment industry from the TV side?

It’s very different and that’s what makes for an interesting journey right now considering that most of my career existed in television till now. It’s scary, exhilarating and exciting. I like the newness of learning again and I embrace the challenges it has and will still bring me.

You’ve just released your debut single ‘Rock Me’. What inspired the song?

It was a pure collaborative exercise between my incredible producer King B (known as Nathan Redpath). The song was made on a very organic energy that turned out retro and somewhat of a “throwback” sound.

The song has a major 80s influence. What sparked your decision to revisit that era?

It wasn’t a conscious goal or decision to revisit that time and era of music but it happened so organically. What made it even more exciting is that without us putting it out there, people came back to us with feedback that it massively reminded them of Brenda Fassie and old school Madonna. It is such an honour to be mentioned in the same sentence as those queens of music.

Talk to us a bit about the songwriting process behind the song.

The songwriting evolved from the energy that the beats made me feel. Sassy, fun, flirty and real. It’s a reminder of the way good music can make you feel and how a good song should never go to waste when it makes you dance your heart out or cry your eyes out.

You recorded an epic music video for the track as well. Tell us a bit about that.

The music video came together so naturally and effortlessly. I am a Bounce ambassador and when I thought of how “jumpy” the song made me feel, it was a no-brainer to film it there. Mika Stefano and Meryl Collins made for the perfect side-kicks with their moves, funk and personality.

Who has influenced you musically throughout your life?

This is such a hard one, because I would run out of time and space. If I had to narrow them down to ten, they’d be Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, Brenda Fassie, Bob Marley, Gabriel Garzon Montana, Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Thebe.

Now that the song is out, what else can we expect from you in the months to come?

I am currently working on two EPs. One will pick up from where ‘Rock Me’ left off and the other, will be soul and jazz fused. I cannot wait for you to hear them both.

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